PSA : Check your blog’s adult flag




apparently tumblr just reset the adult flag on SFW for a lot of people; just checked and my blog wasnt flagged as NSFW anymore. Go take a look at your settings and flip back that switch.

Reblogging ‘cause I just checked and the same happened to me. 

Better check that out, guys.

woops… thought I had mine checked >.>’

My blog (which is definitely NSFW) was not flagged when I checked just now, go fix it, don’t give them a reason to boot you off of here! I don’t want to have to start a pornographers guild and take on a large american company but I will!


I’m back!

Don’t tell my boss cause fuck work today, but I’m finally out of the hospital. Lotsa crying and bad feels, but I feel much better now. Might talk later but imma try to relax for now. Thanks to everyone who liked and reblogged stuff while i was out, it makes me happy to see I have fans and friends who care!@


A massive rainstorm with lighting and thunder just rolled through, and I was walking home from the grocery, just smiling cause I love it so much, people must’ve thought I was crazy, me walking down the street bopping my head to music and smile turning brighter and bigger as I see a lighting flash and then hear the thunder that follows. And it also got me thinking about what fun you could have in the rain.

Imagine it, your walking along a pretty deserted path in a forest with someone( my mind went straight to a brother), and then the heavens just open and you start to run for some kind of shelter.

I see a patch of trees closer together, so we run there. We finally get under cover and we start laughing because we are completely drenched, my dress is clinging to me in all the right places. And then we just stop, we look at each other, I’m taking in how my brother’s shirt is turning a little see through, showing off his upper body, and then suddenly we meet in the middle in this frantic kiss, trying so hard to get the wet clothes off. I get his shirt off and kiss my way down as I unzip his jeans and am finally able to take his cock into my mouth.

I’d love to taste the rain water still dripping from him as well as his normal taste, gently lick it off as I start bringing him closer to coming. But it wouldn’t be fun if just he got off, so he’d just pull me up, push my dress down so he could get to my tits and suck on a nipple as one of his hands push aside my underwear to get to my pussy.

I’d straddle him so fast once we found a dry place to sit, sink down on his cock slowly and just enjoy the feel of him inside me, while the rain and thunder keeps raging on and the lightning illuminates our faces. I’d ride him so slow at first, just savouring in the feeling, but my brother knows me too well, so he’d have put a finger in my mouth, making me suck it and make it wet, and then push it slowly into my ass, making me go faster as I enjoy the new stretch.

He’d have two fingers in when my orgasm hits, and he’d come inside me as I clenched around him, milking all his seed. We haven’t really talked about it, but I get off on that uncertainty, will it be fine, will I get pregnant? I mean if I do, it wouldn’t be the worst thing, right?

As the rain stops, because summer rains comes and goes as quick as they came, we sort our clothes out, and then continue our walk, both with huge smiles on our faces, and me with his seed slowly sliding down my thighs.

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Incest theme week follows

As we approach the end of our first theme week, it occurs to me it would be mean to bring people in for a single topic and then change it. I hope you’ll stick around for some of my other work, but I understand wanting to explore a particular topic too. So, here’s my personal recommendations for incest blogs on tumblr.

1. @missunderstandmeright She is a lovely lady with a velvety voice and a taste for relative relations! She does voice posts and answers asks, go give her a listen!

2. @incestuous-creampie delightful combination of incest, loss of control, and baby making. Go forth and you might just learn something about yourself!

3. @royalsiblings I cannot go to their blog without wanting to get off. It’s lovely!

There you go, a proper hat trick of incestuous couplings! Enjoy yourself and remember the lube, towels, and water!