(URGENT) Adult content blogs











For those that have adult-content blogs, you might want to check if your blog settings is flagged for adult content.  For some reason my adult content blogs have been un-flagged/reset in this option. (Also checked with a few others and they had the same issue)  Just a heads up!

Yep, happened to mine too.

Wouldn’t be surprised if this was done to nuke 90% of NSFW blogs because of TOS violations.

i probably would’ve gotten my blogged nuked if i hadn’t been notified 

Same happened to me, be safe guys!

hmm should i flag my blog as adult content even i rarely do it?

Granted i probably will draw some soon too, hmmm….

Yeeeaaaa, pretty sure I originally had this blog set to adult-oriented and it wasn’t when I went to look just now.

To all my adult-oriented blogger friends out there: Check your blog settings.

Damn, I don’t know if i can check until I’m back on a computer. Is it possible to check on mobile?

jesus fucking christ i had to re-tick it myself

this is awful, why would the staff do this

Same here. good god @staff

So for the less tumblr savvy, where in the settings would this even be? I have scoured and I can’t find it.

Click/tap the little person icon in the top right, go under settings, select your blog (remember you can have multiple and will need to set it for each nsfw one) and its under privacy, way down at the bottom. Click on it and it should turn blue and slide to the right. Note this only works on desktop, if someone knows how to do this on mobile, please add to it.


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