You ever jerk awake when your half asleep? Or get that feeling like the bed falls out from under you? That sudden visceral sensation of shock and adrenaline? Ever wonder what that is?

Most people shake it of as just one of those weird things. Some people try to find explanations, Oh it was just a dream, of something just startled you. Human memory is so easily discounted sometimes. It’s easier than aknowladging the truth.

That somewhere between the waking world and the dream realm creatures lie in wait. They come to prey on us when we are at our most vulnerable. When we who can barely function in the dream realm are balanced upon the razors edge of it, and we are removed enough from the waking world to not notice them.

We drift between worlds briefly, they do so continusly. That sensation you get as you lie in bed, the chill up your spine, the itch with no cause, the sudden bought of animalistc arousal, it’s all intentional. 

They come for many reasons. Some seek to devour, leaving you weak and weary. Others just love feeling the warmth of a body against theirs. Some crave the raw experience of the minds unfiltered musings. Countless other reasons for the countless creatures that dance the veil seperating these two realms.

Rumor says that with proper preperation and conditioning you will start to become aware of them when they come for you. Some purport to have even seen the things that seek us out at night. Do you wish to see what it is that makes your body react so viscerally? Give them no reason to hide, and they will have no reason to hold back either. Heaven or Hell, what awaits you if you reveal these things to the world?


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