I’ve entered proper re-exam times, everything is due next week, so with that out of the way and me not worrying about finding somewhere to live, I should be able to get back on a bit more. Packing can be done over a number of days, studying for this really needs to happen now.

It sucks that I’m so busy, besides not being able to come here and be active and upload and reply to you guys(for which I’m so sorry, I know I’ve gotten IM’s but there’s just no time for more than these short updates), I’ve basically been letting my toys gather dust since I found out that I got in.

But I got some great ideas planned for when I can record again, so I imagine it’s gonna be really explosive when I do!

And moving will be so great, since I technically still live at home, I’m constantly worried that someone that does have a key will just turn up, but when I go off o Uni, the only person with a key will be me, so complete privacy! I’ll be using that fact so much, with respect for my neighbour’s of course.

Love you my darling sinners, I promise you I’ll be back soon, but if you don’t hear from me now again in about a week, know that I’m working my ass off to get back as fast as I can.


We await your return with great enthusiasm!


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