It had started only months after we’d moved in to the neighborhood. My parents and Scott’s next door became acquainted and started hanging out with each other all the time, and therefore so did we. And when dinner was over and the conversations turned to grown-up things, we quickly got bored and went off to play, and it did not take long to get to the first “show me yours and I’ll show you mine” game.

Over years of growing up, and deepening friendship, our games changed too. We innocently displayed to each other the changes of puberty. His was the first cock I saw hard – watched getting hard. Mine was the first pussy he saw wet, and getting wet. His was the first cock I touched… His fingers were the first that weren’t my own fingers or stolen, impromptu toys that ever entered me.

We showed each other how we masturbated. We taught each other how to do it.  His was the first cock I took into my mouth and first cum I tasted. My pussy was the first he ever went down on.

And tonight, 5 years after first meeting each other, while our parents laughed and sipped wine downstairs, we were about to take that very last step, together.


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