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And it’s back~!

Thank you for waiting though the hiatus. I’ve got so many cool things planned for the comic (at least, I think they’re cool) and this episode sets the stage for a lot of stuff that will happen in Season 2, and I’m very very excited! I hope you’ll like it?

And, um, if you do like it, a reblog to spread the word would be nice and very appreciated 🙂

Also, there are camoes this week from @theconfusedhyena (thank you for being amazing!) and @forestofpaper‘s OC Miriam (happy belated birthday <3) as well as characters from the webcomics Space Boy, Project Solace (by @leisha-riddel), Acethexis (by @theartofflorence), and Immortal Nerd (by @hannapirita) which are all awesome comics and you should check them out!

P.S. It’s first thing in the morning for me and I’ve got a very busy day, so I don’t think I’ll be able to reply to asks until this afternoon. Sorry! Please be patient with me a little longer 🙂

More comics, Always human is one of my most recent favorites, it’s so unbelievably sweet and saccharine that my teeth hurt whenever I read it!

Also, the author has curly hair and draws it really well!


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