Artist: ち.

She was lovely, body to die for, personality that just made me want to hold her, even had some of the same interests as me… I was enthralled. Before I knew it she had me at her mercy. I don’t think she even knew what she was doing, had no idea the effect she was having on me!

She wasn’t even jerking me off proper, she just kinda felt it, like she’d never held one before. She was running her hand back and forth on the underside, and I was rapidly approaching orgasm. She looked me in the face as she slowed her ministrations, and asked me “Do you wanna do it?”

I slammed both hands on the wall behind her and somehow found the power to hold my come down. I looked her dead in the eyes and simply nodded. She blushed and moved towards the bed. I followed, drinking in the sight of her body as she climbed across the covers. I wanted to make her feel good and beautiful, and I knew I was going to love every second of it…


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