The liquor market had a special product brewed by a local distillery. It was infused with magic and bottled in specially made glass. All you had to do was consume a healthy measure and recite the incantation etched upon it

The spectacled man drank until he had the nerve to attempt the incantation. All he knew was that it would give him exactly what he wanted, unfettered with mortal shame or inhibitions.

He read off the words inscribed around the circle, hoping his slurred speech wasn’t enough to throw it off. The entire bottle  began glowing, and he quickly moved back to allow room for whatever was coming.

Tentacles sprung forth from the flat front of the bottle, an otherworldly mist obscuring what lie behind them. With the alcohol dulling his senses, he was easily subdued and stripped the slick tendrils. His legs were pulled up, he felt like he was being examined. slick slime dripped down his thighs where they were being held, it was cool and tickled as it ran down.

One of the tentacles had little suckers across its underside, this one wrapped around his neck and lightly stroked his cheek. The suckers went to work on his neck, and he gasped at the sensation. Another one lightly tugged on his hair, trying to give the tentacle around his neck better access. His cock grew hard. It stood proudly, twitching and flush with lusty arousal.

He wanted this so badly, even if he hadn’t realized it. Needed it even. Something slick and hot started winding its way past his waist. The tentacle started wrapping around his cock, slickly sliding accross it as it slowly approached the head. the tip of the tentacle came to rest wrapped under the ridge of his cockhead, and the entire thing started to pulse. The subtle stimulation made his head swim even more than the alcohol. He was lost in an ocean of sexual bliss, no escape in sight.

As he lolled back and forth, another slick appendage moved towards his asshole. This one secreted slime from it’s tip, and gently worked his opening until it was thourougly lubed. It pressed firmly against him, and the other tentacles massaged and squeezed him until he relaxed enough to let it in. Another gasp escaped his lips, and he clamped down hard on the intruder in his ass. Slime sprayed from the tip, allowing it even easier movement within the young man. The tentacle in his ass and the tentacle around his cock were joined by a third which began massaging his taint.

Through the haze of intoxication and arousal something began to shine brightly off in the distance. He couldn’t think, couldn’t make sense of it, but knew he had to get to that light, his very existance depended on it. The tendrils holding him in their grasp started pleasuring him in earnest. Slick, slimy limbs worked over all of his erogenous zones until he was absolutely blinded by the light off in the distance. They stopped short of him being engulfed in it, and he felt everything inside him fall.

The tentacle around his cock moved to his tip, and shot something down it. The sensation made him shudder, and his cock burned with need. Then the tentacle started wringing his cock out with wild abandon. After such subtle and slight stimulation, this was entirely too much for him to handle. The slimy rope of muscles engulfing him squeezed his cock expertly as they flew back and forth around his cock. Nothing in the world could swirl around him like this, he knew tonight would be burned into his memory forever.

As he approached orgasm, the tentacle in his ass began pressing against the one massaging his middle. All of his senses went blank. Then they roared to life again, everything focused on the most intense orgasm he had ever had. His eyes saw only the most brilliant light, and his ears screamed with blood. He smelled sex in the air so heavy he could taste it. And every nerve ending was consumed with relaying the message from his body to his brain, “COME!”

Come he did. If he weren’t being restrained he very well could have injured himself spasming and flailing. His balls pulled taught to his body, his cock throbbed and pulsed, and come flew from his head with more force than he though possible. The tentacle was squeezing in time with his orgasm, adding that much more force and that much more pleasure to it. It went on for what felt like an eternity.

When he was finally done, He was laid to rest in a puddle of his own come. The mass of limbs retreated slowly to the bottle, disappearing back into the circle. His body was completely burned out, he couldn’t move if he had to. Sleep took him quickly, and the events of the evening played out again and again in his dreams.


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