fun Mentally Ill feels



  • just. boredom. all of the time.
  • is that a real sound or????
  • okay nobody’s in the house… better check 5 more times better safe than sorry
  • is anybody ever not watching me??
  • *accidentally ignores best friend for 2 years* oops
  • Crying all of the time. somebody’s mean??? Cry. somebody tries to comfort you???? Cry harder.
  • *memorises a list of facts about myself so i’m never caught out when someone asks a question*
  • did i do that thing today or yesterday?? did i even do it at all???
  • oh sorry?? what did you say??? we’re doing something out of routine today???? oh well guess it’s time to dowse myself in gasoline
  • how much do you think it would hurt to stab myself??? a lot???
  • i’m listening i swear i just cannot understand a singe word you’re saying
  • “hey can you do this thing?” “yeah sure hang on” *sits and dissociates for 20 minutes*
  • “smile!” well i would but i literally cannot move my face
  • this is not a situation in which i should be laughing
  • seriously you wanna cry NOW?!
  • *googles how many painkillers it would take to kill someone* fascinating
  • yes i know its socially Unacceptable to wear these clothes on this occasion, but, listen
  • oh, you’re hungry?? well, you’re not allowed to eat that food, people will hate you if you eat that, that’s poisoned and that’s out of date-
  • oh someone’s mad at me?? guess i better just. starve myself. maybe if i walk out into the road it’ll make them feel better??
  • ah yes. i am Sick. waiting for death.
  • selective empathy
  • social burnout
  • oh i thought about something?? guess it’s never gonna happen now
  • wait…. who am i again???
  • oh that’s right. i am The Void.
  • *daydreams about bad things happening to me* this is fine
  • okay, but, everyone’s out to get me
  • i need to be More Mentally Ill
  • there’s someone in the room. i can’t see them, but i know they’re there okay i can feel them-
  • Ah Yes. The Bugs.
  • what is Time
  • what do you MEAN its not raining i can see the rain???
  • when ur brain is literally gibberish
  • ah yes nice and confident- *sees a person* -on second thought you know what-
  • *psychs myself up to move*
  • i’m pretty sure i’m literally bleeding out right now why am i not dead yet
  • maybe i am dead. is that it?? am i dead????
  • when ur talking to someone and half way through a sentence your energy levels drop to 0
  • “hey i’ve got this problem can you help me out??” “…i don’t give a shit about you”
  • what do you mean you can be interested in more than one thing at a time????
  • oh shit. that was embarrassing. better just embarrass myself more to drown it out-
  • i’m literally not in control of my own body
  • why is everyone my age so much older than me???
  • i’m too Small for this

I relate to 22 of this…


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