Hope everyone is having a good week and staying cool! Wouldn’t mind being in Mei’s place either~ 😉

Chubby, flushed cheeks, glasses, thick squishy thighs, hips, that wink, Oh. My. God. Yes. 

You know you wanna hit it, you know you’re jealous as hell of the guy in this pic. Tell me you wouldn’t hug the fuck out of her, wrap your arms around her and just roll around on the bed, it’d be so fucking good! Run your hands up her back, grab her head and just kiss her so fucking much. Like her breath is the only thing keeping you alive, you kiss her until you can’t take it any more. The whole time your cock is just pumping in and out, and your hands are grabbing her all over. 

You’d be at your limit in no time! She comes hard as you grab a handful of her magical ass in each hand and blow your load so hard it hurts! Dick deep inside her, tongue playing with hers, you would both see fucking stars! You wouldn’t soften up the least little bit, if anything you’d get harder! You wouldn’t stop until you were both completely sated and exhuasted.

Your body would still be trying to go, trying to hold her tighter, find some new place to feel and grab onto. Your lips would still crave hers against them, your mouth would water at the thought of how she tastes. Your balls would ache as they tried to muster up one final load of come to give her, and you’d collapse with her, as close to sated as you can possibly be, still wanting more.


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