That’s right, little cum pump, just relax. The aphrodisiac on those tentacles is stronger than anything that exists on earth; let it melt your human mind away. You won’t be needing it anymore now that you’re a sperm sack for a female tentacle monster.

Male tentacle monsters have become so obsessed with human girls that female monsters are turning to humans now as well. Human sperm is more potent anyway, and with your balls this heavy and your cock twitching and spurting so freely you’ll be a perfect addition to the collection of breeding stock. Don’t worry, the milk she secretes is rich and sweet enough to keep you alive for many months, and it contains a chemical that accelerates semen production to help suit her needs. You don’t have to do anything but lay there and moan like the helpless mess you are.

Good boy, dump your load into the collection sleeve. There’s plenty more still waiting to be filled, so just give in to your need to breed and let your cum drain as fast as your frantically pumping balls can make it.

Request: female tentacle monster that preys on boys for their sperm


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