Nothing I like more than popping guys cherries. The looks on their faces as my wet pussy wraps around their virgin cocks for the first time is unbelievable. Some try and be tough, some get so flustered they can barely talk, some just lay back and enjoy it! I don’t go in expecting too much, but I still enjoy it. All of them go off sooner or later~~

The ones that shoot off immediately just make me feel powerful, like, this pussy made you spray in less than a minute! Don’t tell me that doesn’t boost your ego! When they last for a bit I get into it alot too. Guys, real talk for a minute? Moan. Nothing makes me wetter than feeling you swell inside me and hearing you moan aloud in pleasure. Grunting and groaning and gritting your teeth is okay, but moan for fuck’s sake! Hehe, fuck’s sake…


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