I decided to leave my pussy at the mercy of everyone! Late at night, when I was aching for a cock to fill me, I decided to insert a very special vibrator inside me! I took my clothes off and spread my legs, getting into my favourite masturbation position! Wonder why this toy was special? Well every like, reblog, and comment made it vibrate inside my wet little hole! I quickly realised my mistake, as uncontrollable pleasure started to spread throughout my pussy!

N-nooo you’re all giving my pussy such overwhelming attention! I know a couple of you will comment your naughty thoughts, knowing it just makes me even wetter! Dont stop! Tell me about how that cock feels in your hand as you fap for me! Mmmph I’m so wet I’m going to cum thinking of your big thick dick!

Squeezing my tits as my pussy clenches the vibrator! The sensation perfectly imitates the feel of your throbbing cock! Trembling as my pussy juice soaks my sheet; I start squirting all over my bed! Aaaaa yes im cumminnngggg!!!!! Fuck it feels so good!

Cum with me!!!


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