Support me and get rewards!


I do hentai captions in my spare time for the enjoyment of everyone. Its always a delight to help people, albeit in an unusual way haha. If it makes you ridiculously aroused or cum, my work is done~
In saying that, money is always sparce. I understand many are not in a position to help, but all support is greatly appreciated! At times I will have some kind of goal im working towards, which will be shown at the bottom of this post. If you have any questions about the rewards do not hesitate to message me.


Make sure u tell me ur name/amount donated in tumblr too, or send a screenshot. Due to currency conversion I dont mind if you donate a little less (eg. 13.78 instead of 14). Close enough is good enough!

As of 7/July/2016 these are the rewards (all rewards are priced individually, add them if u want more than one)

$5usd/$6.66aus》Personalized Caption (normal caption rules apply, no loli, ntr etc): A hentai caption with your name in it. Can either be a mention at the beginning/end (eg.This caption goes to Bob) and/or occasional mention in the caption itself (eg. Mmm Bob your cock is so big!). Can use your tumblr name or any other appropriate name you want. Search ‘personalized caption’ for examples

$10usd/$13.32aus》Dirty rp: We have some fun doing a dirty rp! Can be done on here or kik. I would say im quite experienced…and positive you’ll be pleased 🙂

If you’re into futa, loli, or incest I am fine to rp those as well as normal female.

Disclaimer: We’ll organise a time that we’re both free. Since someone asked approx max time of 30min, but im not timing so I don’t care if its over.

Possible extra option is the sfw tease pic set. Maybe with banana sucking pics being added

Current goal: sexy costumes ~$75usd

Support my friend and get sexy stuff in return, what’s not to love?


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