I’d had a crush on Ms. Pennington since highschool. She was my chemistry teacher in 9th grade, and the first person I ever had an erotic dream about. It was awkward listening to her lecture while I wondered how she tasted…

I met her years later in a bar, and the attraction was still there. I don’t know why she stuck in my head, but she did.

Before the night was over I knew how she tasted… fucking amazing. I ate her like my life depended on it, and she returned the favor. Never in my life have I been pleased by someones tongue and fingers as much as my former teacher. I savored her perfume, hoping to be lost in this memory the next time I smelled it.

Orgasm after orgasm wracked our bodies, until we were soaked with each other. We finally collapsed in exhaustion and satisfaction, still idly fiddling with each other…


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