Okay my prized pupil, time to teach you about outercourse. Outercourse is sex that does not require penetration. I know it sounds less fun but I promise you it’s not. Take of your pants and let me sit on your lap. Oh, you’re youthful cock feels warm against my pussy lips. I can feel your heartbeat! Don’t come yet, we haven’t even started!

So, outercourse. You can have outercourse pretty much anywhere you can wedge a penis or rub a vagina. In this case we can do both at once! Some people have trouble with penetration, it can actually be quite painful for them… Outercourse presents an option to still have that intimate contact~~

You can feel me all over, grab my boobs and tease my nipples, work your hips and fuck me (sorta) and it feels amazing, doesn’t it? I’m already wet, but lets add a little more. For future reference, lube helps almost everything when you’re having sex~! Oh, you can move freely now, can’t you? Well, fuck my thighs! I wanna see you come! I wanna feel it too!

See, it doesn’t take much. It feels good for me too~~<3 Please come for me, I think I can if you do too… Oh god there’s so much of it, you must have saved up for me! Oh fuck, I’m coming too! Hah, hah, that was an intense lesson, wasn’t it? Let’s get cleaned up, and I’ll see you next thursday for your next lesson *kiss*


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