Oh my, you’re quite distracted today, what’s wrong? Oh my, that is quite the problem isn’t it? Pop quiz! How do you deal with an erection? Hmm, do you know the answer? There’s more than one, any of them will do~~

I’m your tutor, so I’ll gladly help you with this lesson~~ 

Visual stimulation is the most obvious one, so have an eyeful of your lovely teacher! I’m not much older than you honestly, so I think I’ve still got it! The bulge in your pants tells me I’m probably right~<3 So, clearly the visual stimulation is working for you, what do we do next? Come on, you know this one. What do you want to learn about next dear?

Oh, fellatio, what a lovely idea! I don’t know what you’ve seen or what you’ve heard, but I’ll show you my preferred technique. I doubt you’ll complain about it! So first we undo your pants, and this is a wonderful part of foreplay. The anticipation, the intimacy, what’s not to like? Once your button is popped and your zipper is down, I can finally get an eyeful of what equipment you have. Oh my goodness, it’s pretty large! I’ll probably need both hands and my mouth to do this!

So, first off I give you a few quick tugs with my hands, make sure you’re good and hard for me~, tease you a bit before the main course~ then I go down on you, like this~~ *slip* *slurp* *suck* Oh yas, is goo ya? Do you like the sounds too? Aural stimulation can be surprisingly potent as well. And for the most part that’s it really, stroke and tug and suck until you’re done~~

Oh, where do you want to finish? I can swallow your come down so you get the sensation of erupting inside me, I can pull off and let you spray everywhere, I think we’d both enjoy the show… Oh goodness, there it goes! Oh yes, spray your hot jizz everywhere, come like your life depends on it! Oh my god, I’m so wet right now… Maybe we’ll continue this lesson sooner than we thought?


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