Source: Pixiv

She slumped forward in exasperation. The fucking condom kept bunching up weird and it hurt like hell when it scraped her. They tried smaller ones but they kept breaking. She wanted to scream, and not in the way typically associated with getting fucked by a hottie. She looked at him and had a thought.

“How close are you?” she asked.

“I’m honestly not super close, I don’t like it if it hurts you. You wanna stop and try something else?” He responded.

“Yeah” She lifted off of him, yanked the condom off and placed him at her entrance.

“Hey! Don’t! You could  get pregnant!” He shouted.

She smiled and slowly sank down on him until her clit mashed against his mound. “It’s okay, just don’t come in me. You said you weren’t close right?”


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