Artist: はやしカスタム

She met him at a bar, both of them drunkenly flirting back and forth. The conversation turned to them plainly stating their desire to fuck each other, so she drug him back to her place and lost no time burying him inside her. She rode him for dear life, her raw hot pussy gripping his dick like nothing he’d ever felt before. 

He was close, and told her to let up. She refused, saying if he didn’t want to come he’d just have to hold it. He told her he couldn’t and she responded that she would get pregnant if he didn’t, so he had to. He lasted maybe three more strokes before unloading his pent up baby makers into her grasping twat. She came hard as she felt him swell, causing her cervix to dip down and reach for his come. He gave up trying worry and just enjoyed blowing his load in a bare pussy.

After their orgasms peaked and leveled off, she looked at him and said, Oops, looks like somebody’s a newly minted daddy… How about I give you a gift? She started riding him again, cum leaking around his shaft. Give me another load just in case, darling~~


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