“He’s using a lot of hot water,” Calcifer said from under the pan. “I think he’s tinting his hair. I hope you left the hair spells alone. For a plain man with mud-colored hair, he’s terribly vain about his looks.”

A Glamour Spell, Howl Jenkins style

Items Needed:

  • Shampoo
  • 1 Pink Candle – optional
  • A Mirror (preferably mounted on the wall) – optional
  • A Shower or Bath
  • Your smokin’ hot self (All of you are smokin’ hot, end of discussion.)

Step One: While in the shower, begin washing your hair. Focus on your intent of catching the eye/capturing the attention of people around you. Focus on what you want them to see. What do you want them to see that catches their attention?

Step Two: While you think of the stuff from step one, keep washing your hair. Imagine the energies from your intent seeping into your hair, your scalp, and flowing through you. Tell yourself what you want people to see in you. Repeat it over and over again, like you’re programming the energies you just sent through yourself.

Step Three: When you rinse your hair, imagine the water taking all of your negative energies away (as if you were cleansing yourself), leaving only your positive energies and the energy from your intent behind. Focus on strengthening those energies (keep telling yourself what you want people to see/visualize it/etc.)

Step Four: Once you get satisfied with what you’ve done, you can carry on as usual after you’ve finished washing your hair. (The steps from here on out are an optional ending)

Step Five: When you get out of the shower and dried off, go to a mirror (it has to be clear, so if your mirror is steamed up after the shower, you can wait a while or go to a different mirror). Safely light the pink candle and either set it in front of you or hold it in front of you (be careful that your hair/towel/clothes/etc. doesn’t get it in, of course).

Step Six: Look at your reflection in the mirror. Imagine yourself getting the attention of everyone around you. Again, picture what you want them to see that captures their attention. Is it a physical quality? A mental quality? Both? What do you want them to see in you?

Step Seven: Say the following as many times as you want:

I wish for others to see me
As I want me to be.
Let their gaze drift my way
And see exactly what I want them to see.
This is my will, I say,
So may it be.

When you’re done, blow out the candle. Aaand you’re done!

(The optional ending was just to strengthen it, in case you didn’t feel like you really accomplished the glamor while in the shower.)

As if this wasn’t an awesome enough spell already I’m sitting here in the middle of the night bouncing up and down and squeaking like a hyper cat because it’s inspired by Howl’s Moving Castle


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