Poor thing didn’t stand a chance.

OC belongs to @sala-cyrus!

I’d never been penetrated before. Never had the chance. Curiosity got me to give the tentacles an exploratory lick, and it quickly snowballed from there. Soon enough I was completely naked with one of them probing my ass. I clenched reflexively, barring entrance to my insides.

I swallowed hard, and my muscles finally gave out. The creature took the opportunity and inserted itself into me. Not a lot but more than enough~~ It was slick and stiff, but kinda soft too, much like my own throbbing member. My dick bounced and twitched with each of the tentacles invasions. In and out, up and down, they worked me like a true lover.

Something shifted inside me, and my cock lit up like a neon sign. I don’t know what they did, but I was suddenly on edge of coming. My arms were held aloft and a tentacle swirled around my shaft, squeezing and pulling me to ecstasy, I came hard, shooting straight up into the air! I couldn’t speak, only throathy raspy noises escaped my mouth.

The tentacle in my ass stiffened and squirted inside of me. It felt warm and slick, and my brain flooded with happiness when the creature came. My eyelids grew heavy and I limply lied back into the writhing mass of appendages. Sleep soon followed and I dreamed of being taken yet again…


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