sorry for not posting in a while, here’s a succubus devouring another soul through her pussy :3

So my lovely futa darling, hows it feel inside of my demon pussy? It’s positively evil isn’t it? Even if you stay still it works your cock over like there’s no tomorrow! Squeezing and squirming and wringing it out, I crave your thick love milk like the sweetest of candies~

You know what happens if you come in me though, don’t you? You exchange your soul and your _LIFE_ for the ultimate pleasure as you exit the world. No afterlife, not heaven or hell, your soul is mine. Maybe you’ll stick around long enough to integrate with my being and share in my pleasure, maybe I’ll rip it apart to pay for a black rite. Who knows?

If you’re okay with that then have at and flood my succubus twat with your come, take your pleasure from me! I’ve done nothing but lie here and present the option to you. You put it in, you fucked me, you got close and stopped. You could pull out and continue your life as if nothing ever happened. But if you blow your load, even if it’s not inside me, I get your soul…


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