New from E.P.L. technologies, this special collar allows you to gradually shift your form to that of anyone you have sex with! Want a glorious booty? Hit up someone who’s backside makes your frontside react and wear this collar! Always wanted curly hair? Fuck one of your frizzy friends and luxuriate in your luscious locks! 

Compatibility with our patented 4d technology means you need not be constrained to the local company either! Place it to your chest, cup a feel, then feel a cup! Bust a nut, then pop some buttons! Wanna be pettanko as fuck? Then fuck a pettanko!

You can see our demonstrators behind us as we speak! One of these men was burly and hairy, masculinity in raw form. The other was brown haired, and brown eyed, not one to stand out. Now they’re both blond and blue-eyed, vibrant and slender! the short one in the back just finished, you can see his hair getting just a bit brighter!

Limited time offer gets you a pair of these lovely devices for the price of one, so if you have someone in mind you can get right to work! We won’t have these all day, so order now!


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