Sure, I’ve got all the jocks, all the players sniffing after me. They think they can puff up and pump up for me. That I’ll swoon for a white smile and cut bod. And when they don’t get what they want they call me a bitch and a slut. Silly boys. Like any girl would want some cock that’s been used up by other girls. Some guy who’ll fuck anything with curves and holes. Damaged goods.

No, give me the virgins. The boys who don’t yet know what they can be. Pure. Shy. Even awkward, I like being their first. When you’re the first pussy they’ve ever touched, licked, fucked, there’s an awe, a reverence no bravado can cover up. You can feel it in the tremble of his fingers when he touches you there for the first time. That moment of vulnerability – of worship – is yours, and he knows it. Even if he brags, and pretends, and calls you names later, one look at him and you know he remembers, and always will.

Yes, this is my fetish!


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