Patreon update

Hey all, I finally got around to putting some proper content up on my patreon! I’ve got two tasty captions, one about loss of control, another about a bigger lady lover, both tenderly crafted with ethereal sexiness~~

You can subscribe to my

patreon page here and get access to all my patreon exclusive posts! More will be incoming, and all the old stuff will stay up too! I’ll try and do at least one caption or story a week, so hopefully four a month on average.

I’m also taking writing requests for 5 bucks too. I’m down for p.much anything wrt requests if you’re paying, so hit me up if you’re interested. Be quick tho, requests are limited!

I also put together a account where you can pitch me a few bucks. If you don’t want to/can’t use patreon, you can pitch me a dollar there and I’ll link you to a tumblr where I repost my patreon stuff! 

I’ll return the kindness in some way if you go this route too, maybe a group post thanking everyone or something along the lines of that.

Thanks in advance to everyone who pitches in, it will be a huge help to me right now. Love you all and hope life treats you well!


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