Being an adult was harder than Kenji ever imagined. There were so many bills to pay, a wife he didn’t like, loud kids, and a call center job he hated. Every day felt like a tiny hell, and as the weeks without sex turned into months he felt his balls ache more and more each day, his neglected cock twitching and hardening at the slightest provocation. One such day he was at work when a boy with a soft, pretty voice called to pay his bill over the phone. The soft sound of his breath during silences and a nervous laugh were enough to have Kenji’s cock rock hard and straining his pants. And he surreptitiously rubbed it through his clothes while they talked.

As soon as he finished the call he adjusted his pants and got up, quickly darting to the bathroom and locking himself in one of the stalls. He fumbled his pants open and grabbed his dick, stroking it hard and fast. His whole body burned with need and his eyes burned with tears of hatred and resentment and loneliness, and he wished more than anything that he could just bury his cock in a cute boy’s ass and not have to worry about anything anymore.

He’d barely finished the thought when suddenly a small, warm hand joined his own on his cock and his eyes flew open, staring down in shock at a cute little purple haired demon boy kneeling between his legs.

“How.. how did you get in here??”

Kenji bolted up and fumbled with his pants, but the boy smiled and tugged them back down.

“Silly Kenji, you summoned me. You said you wanted to bury your cock in a cute boy’s ass and not worry about anything anymore, so here I am.”

The boy firmly guided him back down onto the toilet, then leaned in to run his tongue over the wet tip of his cock. Kenji shivered and moaned, but part of him was still trying to get away.

“I.. I didn’t say that, I thought it. What.. are you doing?”

The boy glanced up at him with glowing golden eyes and suckled on the head of his cock for a few more blissful seconds before pulling back to say, “Said it, thought it, same thing to me. I heard it.. just like I’ve heard how miserable you are. Your life is just awful, isn’t it, Kenji?”

Kenji jolted with fear, but the boy’s mouth was warm and wet when it returned to his cock, and he sucked it deeper and deeper down his throat until Kenji had relinquished all thoughts of escape. Finally the boy pulled back and started stroking his cock while he said, “I’m here to offer you a deal, Kenji. Exactly what you want; to fuck a cute boy’s ass as hard and deep as you want, pump it full of cum, and have all your worries and fears melt away.” The boy got up and straddled his lap, and Kenji realized his cock was hard too. Was this really happening?

“You can have my ass, Kenji. You can fuck me as hard and deep as you want.. you can fill me full of so much cum that you knock me up… and all it costs is your soul.”

The boy had gripped Kenji’s cock and was holding it in place so he could tease his tight, wet asshole over it until Kenji was so sex crazed he couldn’t even think anymore. His hips started straining up desperately but the hole was always just out of reach, until finally he groaned, “yes… yes, take my soul, just let me fuck you!”

The boy grinned and sank down onto Kenji’s hard, straining dick, swallowing it in one go. Kenji was moaning and shaking and he grabbed the boy’s hips hard, bouncing him in his lap. The hole he was fucking felt hotter and wetter and better than anything he’d ever felt before, and he thrust in hard while he groaned, “holy fuck, what are you??”

The boy was moaning too and he sounded breathless, panting and clenching on his dick, but his voice was light and playful when he gasped, “I’m… an incubus…”

Kenji laughed. All sense of logic and self preservation was gone, replaced with madness and excitement and the raw need to breed the little monster riding him.

“Fuck that’s hot…” he slapped the incubus’ ass hard, over and over until he was crying and begging, and Kenji laughed and grabbed his tail, yanking it up while he came deep inside, unloading weeks worth of pent up cum and testosterone until his balls felt deflated and his whole body was too weak to move. Then, still riding his half hard cock, the incubus said, “my turn,” and closed his mouth over Kenji’s, sucking with unexpected force.

As Kenji’s breath left him so did his soul, and he had an alarming moment of realizing he was dying… and that he liked it. Then his soul was gone, swallowed whole, and once it was gone the incubus delicately got up off of the spent, useless cock, letting the load of cum leak slowly down his thighs while he set about devouring Kenji’s body too. Once full he sat down and grabbed his own cock, leisurely stroking it and rubbing his full belly until he came, hard, splattering the walls of the bathroom stall with burning hot cum that immediately corroded the paint and ate away at the metal. Once satisfied he left, and sometime later Kenji’s coworkers found only his clothes, shoes, and a puddle of cold cum to identify him by. Perhaps not the most dignified way to go, but definitely one of the most enjoyable.

Request: gay incubus soul stealing shenanigans. Hope you don’t mind the vore, it just kinda happened. Believe me, he’s in a much better place now 😈

Geez, luna-disapproves writes some intense shit!


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