A Treat For Emma

Written by Ethereal Esoterica

Edited by @emmapokelily (thanks girl)

Do you want something? My come? Hahaha, someone’s being forward today! Hmm ok, but on one condition! You can’t do anything but sit there until I tell you otherwise! No touching yourself, no touching me, you just sit there. I’m going to jerk off on your adorable little face and rain my come onto your glasses. You know how annoying it is when you get rain on your glasses? Endure it and you can lick up your treat when I’m done. I know you well enough to know you’ll be happy with the exchange.

Hmm, the anticipation is rough, isn’t it? You can’t possibly tell when I’m gonna come. Could be now! Or not. Might be soon! Might not. Just sit there and be patient. Patience is a virtue, and virtuous little ladies get rewarded! Are you virtuous Emma? I think you are. How’s the view down there? My cock is right in front of your face, my hand is running back and forth. I bet it looks intense, the foreskin bunching up around the head then being pulled taught and shiny.

I’ll be nice this time and warn you that I’m close. Wouldn’t want to put an eye out or anything, I’ve not come in weeks! Are you ready? *huff* here it comes! HRNG! UUH! UUUUNF! My warm, sticky come flying all over your face! Should be extra potent today, super concentrated! *huff* *puff* Oh yes, I needed that so much… I think you did too. Well then, feel free to partake of your treat now, don’t hold back on my behalf. Yes, lick it all up and swallow it like the tasty candy it is…


All done but you still want more? Well I’m tired, so you’ll have to come and get it yourself. Don’t make a mess, I’ll make you clean it up with your tongue if you do. You’re too into this to punish sometimes…

Ahh… Fuck yes your mouth feels so good… suck me harder! Try and give my dick a hickey! Force another load from my balls! I’ve got plenty stored up for you, be greedy with my come Emma! ARGH! Don’t you dare spill a single drop; catch it all! Strike a pose for me love, you look amazing right now.


*push* I’m gonna fuck you until you’re pussy overflows! How does that sound? Fuck your pussy is wet! You wanted this didn’t you? Fuck, fuck, fuck! I love your raw twat, it feels so fucking good! Can you feel the how hard I am inside you? Oh I felt that! Hold your come sweetie, I’m close too! aaaaAaargh! Fuck! Yes! You’re squeezing down so hard on me! *pant* *pant*

Do you want more? Do. You. Want. More? Yes or no? No? Are you sure? I’ve never seen you turn down more come. Just as well, I’ve never come that hard before in my life. Shall we step into the shower and clean up?

…Ahh, hot shower and a hot lady, life is good. You okay sweetie? I was pretty rough with you, but I know you like it. Love you Emma. *hug* Hmm, you’re so soft and cuddly. You’re booty is super nice too *squeeze*… I want it.


I think I’ve still got one more in me, let me put it in you. Nice and slow, your booty is so tight, I won’t last long here either. Your thirst for come is positively wrecking my staying power, I’m already coming! Shit, how did you make me go off so fast, I already came three times before! You sure you’re human Emma? Heh, I don’t care, just stay mine and I’ll give you everything I’ve got as often as you like!

I’m finally spent, love… You enjoy all that? Good, I’m glad to hear it. You need some water? Yeah, all that come is quite thick, I know I’m thirsty from all that too. Here, let me get you into the bed first. …Okay, drink up sweetie, you’ve earned it! *kiss*

Picture #1 Source – http://therule34.net/

Picture #2 Source – supepepe – danbooru.com

Picture #3 Source – http://nijicollection.blog.fc2.com/

Picture #4 Source – Resort Boin


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