Things I hate the most about having depression



  • Sleeping 12+ hours and still being tired
  • Either eats too much or forget to for days
  • Happy one second crying the next
  • Forgetting to shower
  • Numbness
  • Going from social butterfly to not wanting to talk to anyone in a blink of an eye
  • Feeling like I bother people
  • Constantly loosing interest in what I love
  • “You aren’t depressed! Stop seeking attention!”
  • “Have you tried running/yoga/being outside?”
  • “It’ll pass!”
  • “Its all in your head sweetie”
  • “You can’t be depressed, I saw you smile earlier”
  • “You’re too pretty to be depressed though!”

These things have happened to me a number of times before (not right now tho)

Same. Oh, and don’t forget medication side effects!


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