Mistress emma~
Sometimes I enjoy being a mistress too much. A casual conversation with a female follower reveals how much they long for another girl’s touch! And their pussy will remember my touch forever! But seeing how submissive they are, I can’t help but make them beg for their pleasure. A cute little leash and collar: isn’t she just the perfect submissive pet? She’s helpless to deny me access to her body!

I think I’ll kiss her all the way from her neck to her pussy. A slow sensual trail of love that will surely get her wet! How many times would I kiss her pussy before she tries to speak? Of course the gag prevents her from saying anything, but I can still hear her sweet moans. I think I’ll eat her out whilst giving her ass a few cheeky slaps! She’ll squirm and moan as I do it, but in the end she’ll cum all over my face!

Being a mistress is fun

Mmm, I want someone to leave marks on me…


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