Your first time (with Jack and Brianna)

Don’t be shy Jack, I know your new to this but I’ll show you how fun sex is!
I promise to ride you at any pace til your virgin cock cums inside me!
Trust me, this will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before~

Lets start slow ok, a little cuddling as I grind against you. Making us both a bit excited. How about you kiss my neck as I lightly moan into your ear. My breasts against your chest and our legs entertwined. Mmm you like this so far? Sex is way more than simply fucking, its our hot, naked bodies molding together! And I definitely like feeling your body up against mine~

I slowly lower myself onto you: gently letting the tip go inside. Arms wrapped around as you squeeze my butt! Feeling my pussy stretch to accommodate your thickness! Thrust inside me nice and slow baby, feel how tight I am around your cock! Our hips moving up and down as we fuck in rhythm; each thrust causing more and more pleasure for both of us!

Whispering all my naughty desires! How I’ve longed to have your cock inside me since we first met! It feels amazing as it throbs, my pussy is soaking wet thanks to you! You’re getting close aren’t you? Its so hard and thick, its gotta be filled with cum! Release it inside me! Shoot your load into my wet pussy! One final thrust with a creamy explosion! Give me all your cock has to offer!!!

Yay Jack you came inside me! You did amazing for your first time! And the second time will be even messier ♡

Appropriate that I lost my commission cherry commissioning someone losing their cherry


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