My brother and I are home alone today and as always he is up to no good. Here lately he has been watching me a lot as I walk through the house in my underwear. Before it never bothered him. He told me just yesterday, you know sis, your body is starting to fill out pretty good, you should put more clothes on. I didn’t think much of it. So when I was sitting on the couch on the phone with our mom he starts messing with me. I tell him to stop and smack his hand away even but he kept messing with my panties and before too long he was messing with my ass. He pressed a finger inside and I gasped, letting our mom know I had to get off the phone. I asked what he thought he was doing and he told me he was getting my ass ready for his cock. Because if he fucks my ass I can’t get pregnant. I resisted at first but eventually I was enjoying my big brothers cock and screaming like a little whore.

bonus reblog as it fits this weeks theme! Go give @goddesserotica some love too!


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