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I saw what you were looking at on tumblr when you went to the bathroom. You know exactly whats going on here. You’re lovely little cousin with her sexy glasses wants you to love her like a woman. I’m pretty sure I didn’t misjudge what I saw, cause your likes aren’t public, and alot of them looked like me. I’m not joking around, I want you. Who cares if were related, who are we hurting in doing this? I’ve got an IUD, you won’t get me pregnant no matter how much you try. And I really, really want you to try. If you’re still paranoid, just pull out and spray you’re love all over my tummy. I wanna feel my older cousin’s come all over me. I wanna rub it in and feel all your sperm wriggling around, vainly seeking out my egg… I won’t force you, but I will ask you, Please fuck me….


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