Theme Week!

Between being sick, worrying about life, breaking my glasses and being dizzy all week, My previous queue ran dry saturday. Being ever resourceful, I saw not a loss, but an opportunity. So I present to you the first ever etherealesoterica theme week!

I wrote a brief text post clarifying my thoughts on kinks and fetishes and sex here, and all that applies here. Quick recap if you don’t want to read, Fantasies are okay, kinky stuff is okay, just recognize when something you enjoy fantasizing about wouldn’t be okay to do in real life. IRL, everyone needs to be a happily consenting adult. Beyond that, do what you like!

Serious business out of the way, This weeks theme is incest! My first true fetish, my first taboo, my first forbidden love, what makes it so appealing? The familiarity of choosing someone already so close to you as a lover means you are certain before you do anything that they love you completely. Some people enjoy the taboo aspect, sneaking around behind peoples backs, knowing you’re doing something bad that feels oh so good, It’s like sneaking candy when you’re on a diet!

Whatever the reason, I know I’m not alone in this. So buckle up and get ready for a week of intimacy with those who know you best!


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