Harder Sensei~

Oh you’re here! I knew your lust for me would bring you here today! Or maybe it was MY desire to feel you inside me hehe

Mmm you didn’t want to watch this time. You wanted to feel yourself inside me! Pull my arms back and make me yours! My tight pussy is begging to be pleasured! Feel yourself get harder as you push against my wet entrance! It should be easy to slip it in deeper, as deep as you want!

Pulling me back as you thrust forwards, your cock going so far inside me! My tits jiggling with every movement of our hips; my butt between your legs! Faster baby, I want to feel you go back and forth as fast as you can! Your balls slapping against my booty as your entire shaft stretches my tight pussy! Squeezing your cock as its deep inside, I want to squeeze out all that yummy cum of yours!

Ooo yes! Cum as hard as you can inside me! Moaning out loud; pleasure emanating throughout us! Feel your cock throb as you unleash wave after wave deep inside my pussy! Lets make a cum explosion that squirts out everwhere! Fuck me senpai!

Good stuff here!


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