Donation [for my car]


So some of you have seen the post I did regarding the car accident I was in.

Im in a situation where I can’t work much due to mental issues, and with medication costs I dont have much spare money. And now my car needs like…. a new side of a car. Now to make things clear: I am safe, was just really shaken up. This is a one-off donation plea to help me out at a time that I really need it.

What im looking for:
I am currently not 100% sure how much expenses will be. I would guess $200-300 ausd. It doesnt matter about reaching any goal tho, every bit just helps out a lot. And I do intend to try and reward people who donate too. REWARDS ARE CUMULATIVE.

What you get (asides from my heartfelt thanks)

$5usd/$7aus ‘Appreciation Post’: Anything $5 or more will get you mentioned in a big appreciation post at the end! Yay!

$10usd/$14aus personalized caption (normal caption rules apply, no loli, ntr etc): A hentai caption with your name in it. Can either be a mention at the beginning/ end (eg. This caption goes to Bob) or occasional mention in the caption itself (eg. Mmm bob your cock is so big!). Can use your tumblr name or any other appropriate name you want. Also, try to have a nickname or something cos dont want to say (Mmm Xxpussydestroyer69Xx your cock is so big!)

$20usd/28aus dirty rp We have some fun doing a dirty rp! Can be done on here or kik. I would say im quite experienced…and positive you’ll be pleased 🙂

if your into futa, loli, or incest I am fine to rp those as well as normal female

Disclaimer: We’ll organise a time that we’re both free. Since someone asked approx max time of 30min, but im not timing so I dont care if its over

$35usd/49aus Sfw pic tease set. No nudity. Just some clothed tease pics such as shoulder tease, legs, and booty tease. I will do a side blog this week and give link so donators can find it.

You dont need to ask for anything, you can just simply donate if you want! I’m just attempting to make donations very worthwhile 🙂

Thank you for reading this! This is really important to me. My paypal is Make sure u tell me ur name/amount donated in tumblr too, or send a screenshot. Due to currency conversion I dont mind if you donate a little less (eg. 13.48 instead of 14). Close enough is good enough!
Even if you can’t donate (which I totes understand), just liking or leaving a nice comment gives emotional support 🙂

let me know if u have any enquiries!

Emma is a super cool person in need of help, anything you can pitch in is very much appreciated!


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