Hardcore tentacle special part 4 of 4

After cumming several times more, the tentacles withdrew a bit so only the tips were inside my two rear holes. The monster held me gently as its seed flooded out of me, my body filled to the brim with its creamy goodness. After many hours, I was shakily able to stand on my own and was allowed to leave the Cave of Bliss. I gave one of the tentacles a quick hug before I left, ‘thank you for a wonderful time’

I got many weird glances as I walked back home. A naked girl with a swollen belly, covered in a sticky white liquid. I knew they wouldn’t understand how hard I had came before: over and over and over.

As another wave of the monster’s seed poured out of my ass, a wave of pleasure came over me and I quickly orgasmed again! Lying in a pool of cum I looked up into the pretty night sky. It was as if each follower was a star watching over me. And together they lit up the sky, no doubt enjoying themselves after seeing all that happened. I hope they enjoyed it very much, but not as much as me~


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