Hardcore tentacle special part 1 of 4~

I walked into the Cave of Bliss, home of a rumored tentacle monster. I entered willingly; my followers had asked for this and I naively assumed I’d be able to handle anything. Oh how wrong I was…

I didn’t even see it happen! Before I knew it I was held captive, firm and rubbery tentacles had complete control of my limbs! Out of the corner of my eyes I saw more tentacles emerge from the darkness! I felt them tenderly wrap around me, one rubbed against my butt as two others rubbed my breasts.

Without warning they started squeezing them! All I could do was squeal in surprise as they pleasured my tits! Suctioning on, they pulled and squeezed, going at it like they wanted my titty milk! The other tentacles started releasing an aromitc liquid that turned me on beyond belief: was it some kind of sensual precum? My breasts were so perky and tender, it felt soo good I couldn’t hold back! A loud moan left my mouth as the monster sucked up my creamy milk!

But thats not all it wanted….


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