Harcore tentacle special 3 of 4

My womb and ass now filled with cum, I thought surely it was all over. I’d never had so much cum inside me! There’s no way the monster had more to give!

But just as I thought that I felt the tentacles resume squirming inside me, making our combined cream overflow out of my pussy! It grew longer and larger; even more so than when it just came! Going in deeper than before, my whole body was a tight hole to pleasure this beast! My tits continued to be squeezed as my ass was constantly pounded! Oh my blog it was going to go all the way through! I struggled to raise my hips; offering the monster an easier and deeper penetration. Yes, yes deeper! DEEPER!! Fuck me harder than I’ve ever been fucked before!

My eyes widened as I saw it emerge from my mouth! Holy shit I was being completely and utterly penetrated!


I saw it go in and out of my mouth as it thrust back forth. I almost came myself after the first couple of thrusts! Having that thick throbbing tentacle so deep inside me was so arousing! Vibrations pleasured my entire body as it thrust all the way from my pussy to my mouth! Nyaaa I couldn’t take it any longer! We’re both going to cum!

An indistinguishable sound filled the cave as we both came again! The tentacle was poking out of my mouth: I could see all its creamy goodness right before my eyes! I felt all the tentacles release their seed inside my body, filling every crevice til my body couldn’t take it! An intense cum explosion that flooded out of all three holes! I came with the monster too, vibrations of pleasure coursing through my body for many consecutive minutes! The orgamsic convulsions of bliss!


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