This is the modern day succubus. She has a gorgeous face and a tight, fit body. She knows how to use her curves. You get dizzy watching her. 

She exploits your weakness for beautiful women. She flirts with you. You are enchanted by her female charms as she extract thousands of dollars from you. She makes you feel special. You know what she’s doing but she’s so good at doing it.

She seduces you away from your girlfriend or wife. You know this is wrong but you can’t help it. She forces you to betray your sweet girlfriend.

You are her love slave. She thinks it’s hilarious. She smirks to herself. She’s way too good for you. She’s going to exploit you for everything you have. You are her love sick puppy and her amusement. You’re a fool for her. 

And your dick is loyal to her. She controls your dick.

“There she is, the puppet master who cursed my dick.”


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