Nintendo girl 3some~

Unfortunately I haven’t been giving my female followers half the attention they deserve! I’ll just have to pleasure two of you at once! Your tight asses and lovely pussies will be mine for today! Lets test your stamina and see how long you last!

(to samus/bottom) I tease the entrance to your ass with my large strapon, circling around the outside between your cute butt cheeks. Slowly, I thrust the tip inside, watching you squirm in pleasure! Be a good girl and finger your lovely pussy whilst I pleasure your sexy ass! At least two fingers nice and deep, fingering in sync with my thrusts! Mm I love how this strapon makes me so wet too! Lets cum together in a creamy explosion!

(to rosalina/top) Dont think I forgot about you! How could I with your succulent pussy and ass begging to be played with! Squeezing your cute butt, I tease the entrance with my thumb. Giving my thumb a lick to make sure its wet, I ease it inside your sensitive ass, making you moan as it goes inside! Moving it back and forth, nice and deep in your tight hole! Seeing how wet your pussy is, I quickly start licking it with my tongue! Sucking on your clit and fingering your at the same time!

Its so hot to have all of our pussies wet and trembling! I can barely hold back the pleasure myself, you girls are just so sexy! Lets all cum together, our pussies squirting on each other as we orgasm as one! Now, now! Aaaa im cummINNGGGGG!!!

Sextuple stimulation! The double hat trick! Pervasive phalangeal penetration! Cozy clitoral comeuppance! Triple twat triumph! Bangin’ Blue Bootys Bouncing Bouyantly! The Downward Dog, The Upward Dog, The Hungry Dog! Twiddling Thumbs Make Her Come! Finger blasting the Blast of Princess! 


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