My little slave boy, would you like mistress to please you today? First you have to please me. Get your face down there, grabbing him by his hair I shoved his face into my pussy. Making him lick and suck on my clit. Rubbing my pussy juice all over his face, pulling him away shiny and with a smile upon his face, I put his face back into my pussy again, grinding against him until I came all over his face. Pulling his face back, I lick my juices off of his face. Mistress wants to please you by riding your very hard cock. I see that he’s happy to see me. Pushing him down on the back I get on top playfully rubbing my pussy against his hard member. Mmmmm that’s nice slave, would you like to be inside your mistress? Looking in my eyes he said , yes. I slammed my pussy down onto my slaves cock. Grinding and bouncing up and down his hard shaft, I could feel another climax coming. Bouncing harder as I squeezed and fondled my breasts, I demanded for my slave to cum. Yes Mistress he said, exploding inside of me, I came all over his cock at the same time. Mmmmm such a good slave. Thank you Mistress, he said.


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