Fast Breaking Noodle Asks!



I just had noodles after not eating for a very long time, and inspiration struck!

1. When’s the last time you had noodles? 

2. What flavor were they?

3. What flavor is your favorite?

4. What flavor is your least favorite?

5. Do you like your noodles in a soup or do you prefer more of a sauce?

6. Do you like the cheap noodles or the fancier ones?

7. What’s the fanciest noodles you’ve had?

8. Do you add anything to your noodles?

9. If so, what?

10. Do you prefer microwave or stove top noodles?

11. Have you ever eaten dry noodles?

12. Do you have noodles in your house right now?

13. Do you have a case of noodles?

14. Have you ever eaten noodles more than once in a single day?

15. Have you ever shared noodles with someone?

16. Have you ever choked on a noodle?

17. Have you ever had to pull a noodle out of someone who was choking?

1. About 35 hours ago. Will be having some today
2. Chicken flavor (with egg)
3. Meat 😉 lol but idk, variety is good.
4. No such thing
5. Udon in soup, otherwise in sauce.
6. I usually eat cheap bowl/cup/packet ones. But I like fancier ones such as chow mein, Ho Fun, and udon from restuarants better. All taste great.
7. Yours 😉
8. Yes
9. Sometimes I add egg to the packet noodle
10. I usually just pour boiling water in it. Stove top is nice.
11. Yes.
12. I have a whole stash. Loads of noodles!
13. A case of noodles? Not sure what you mean
14. Of course. Silliest question I’ve ever heard.
15. My sister (well she takes some of mine if that counts as sharing haha)
16. Yes, when his noodle was bigger than I thought and I deepthroated it. But in seriousness no.
17. Nope



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