Dr. Frankenstein couldn’t understand it. His calculations were right. His infusions of vitality and electricity should be giving his creation life! He worked days without sleep, and the signs always seemed encouraging. But when he’d finally sleep out of sheer exhaustion he’d only awaken to find it as devoid of life as the corpses he built it from.  He vowed to continue! He would succeed!

I steeped past my husband, passed out again at his workbench and stared at him, proud at his work ethic and dedication. Blindly resentful that that dedication was not to me. But I’d stumbled – quite by accident – on a plan that might change that.

“Igora, prepare him.” 

The hunchback was almost as obedient to me as she was to my husband. And she kept her silence, as she should. As I stepped out of my robe, she moved the shroud from the Creation. It lay still and dead on the slab, despite all of the energy and essence poured into it. Because my poor husband had missed the key. I climbed up onto the cold table and reached between the Creation’s legs. I don’t know what dead men he’d raided for the parts of his creation, but my Husband had chosen good parts. 

The cock in my hand was soft, and cold and as dead as the rest of it, until I held it, and squeezed it, and bent to kiss and lick it. Then it gave the same signs of life any man would, and then some. Signs that spread from the hardening, warming, lengthening shaft all through the massive body. The chest rose and fell and I could almost hear the massive heart pumping blood into the cock.

I wasted no time, steadying the cock while I positioned myself, and then lowering myself onto it. I was dripping wet, but the cock was that of a monster, and it made me wince with more than pleasure as I forced myself down onto it. 

My own grunts and stifled moans were answered by gruff exhalations from the Creation. It felt me, just as I felt it. 

“Raise him!” I gasped, and Igora strained to push him to a sitting position as I finally sat fully on the massive shaft. His breath, not that of a corpse, but alive, stirred my hair. It made me me shudder and squeeze hard inside. And then I started riding him. Hard and fast, a desperate need taking me over as it had time and time again. I stared into his closed eyes as I fucked his great cock, willing, desiring.  

I came, shuddering, and whimpering, but didn’t stop. My contractions squeezed him as I fucked. It was hard to keep the rhythm but I couldn’t stop. Not until…

His – the Creation’s breath caught. His eyes flew open and stared into mine, not empty. Not blind. Present. 

Two massive, meaty hands slapped to my hips, and suddenly I wasn’t fucking him any more – he as using me to fuck. He He lifted me bodily up and then yanked me back down onto him. Harder and faster than I had been fucking him. And I could only hold on for dear life, stare into his eyes, and wail in wordless pleasure and need.

He came with a roar, thrusting his hips up to me and shoving me down onto his cock. His cum was hot inside me, and each spurt of semen was like an electric shock that went through me, womb to spine to brain. I closed my eyes and screamed with him, cumming again. I felt his life under me, inside me, moving through me. I desired it all. 

When it was over, Igora laid him back, and I slowly rose off the softening cock. He gave off a very familiar sounding contented sigh and then seemed to drift to sleep. I would not stay as he cooled to lifelessness. I couldn’t bear it. 

“Bring him to bed.” I told Igora, indicating my husband. She carefully lifted him and brought him to our chambers, helping me disrobe him. I climbed into bed next to him and draped my arm and leg over him. Cum dripped from my still tingling lips, smearing my husband’s leg. He would wake later and pretend to remember making love to me, patting my sleepy head before getting up to go back to work.

In the empty bed, I rubbed my tummy, dipping my fingers into my self. I always felt… electric for a day or so after. But I don’t know, this time seemed somehow a little different. As if a switch inside me had been thrown “on”. I wondered if it meant what I hoped it did. If not, I vowed to continue. I would succeed!

This is caption/story #400! Thank you all for reading. 

Magnificent, I love it!


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