Yet another sketch. Felt like drawing more yuri fluff and @alwayshumancomic is a very good source for that. Her characters Sunati and Austen give me so much joy. I’d like to color this in the future, time permitting. 

Oh. Wow. This is so lovely *_____*

There’s something indescribably romantic about this, I can’t find the right words at all, but something about the tenderness of Austen’s hands and the way their heads are angled towards each other, and their closed eyes, and how their smiles seem so casual but also incredibly grateful, and it just all combines together to make me feel so many things. And it’s also so beautiful! The lines are so delicate and the detail in their hair is stunning and ahhhhhhh, so gorgeous, I am not worthy ;_____;

Thank you so very much :’)

Always human is one of many comics I read, it’s one that I actively await new posts from, go read it!


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