Melia gets to feel the “Monado’s” power

Wielder of the Monado, I have been waiting in this spring… just for you. I’ve heard rumors of the legendary ‘sword’ you wield. How no girl can resist its size and power! From the moment I laid eyes on you, I couldn’t help but stare. Dont deny your urges: I want you to unsheathe it for me, hop into the hot spring, and show me all your moves~

Oh yes! Push me up against the side as you spread my legs! Feel my smooth skin against you as we grind beneath the water! Squealing in joy as you thrust deep inside me! Your thick monado stretching my tight pussy; I’m really feeling it! Every thrust sends water flying everywhere! Your balls slapping against my ass as you pound me hard and fast! Hearing your deep moans as you fuck me is sooo hot!

Nows the time to use your ultimate piercing move! Finish me off with your Buster! BUSTER MY PUSSY SO HARD! Keep thrusting up and down til your hot spunk floods the deepest parts of my womb!

Mmm… this is the Monado’s power ♡

Melia: shulk, I want your babies.
Seven: shulk I wanna watch you give her your babies, then I want your babies.


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