Your private, after-hours tutor is here!

Tsk tsk, looking at hentai instead of studying? Perhaps if I help you… de-stress… then you can concentrate on studying later! Oh you came across a ‘hard’ problem? It looks very large, but im sure we can handle it together 🙂

Slowly, seductively, I start taking off my clothes. My skirt and panties tossed aside as I cradle your head between my large breasts. My pussy lips rest on the tip of your hard cock. Moving my hips back and forth I grind on it slowly, soft moans filling the room as it brushes against my clit. Lowering myself onto you, I feel my pussy stretch to accommodate such a fine, thick cock!

I start riding you slowly, taking my time to feel you go deeper inside. Your face buried between my pillowy tits as your cock is squeezed by my pussy. As the pleasure builds I start riding you harder and faster! My ass bouncing on your lap, every bounce sending intense pleasure throughout our bodies! Deeper, deeper!! It feels so good riding a hard cock like yours!

Squeeze my plump ass! Feel my cream squirt onto your lap as you thrust yourself all the way into my womb! Loud cries of ecstasy as I orgasm on top of you! My pussy is all yours to fuck and cum inside! Show me how big your load is! Cum for meeee!!!!!

Give me a call if you ever need help studying ok? Im always happy to help release your stress~


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