Beach time fun~
There’s nothing like the warm sun on the beach. I enjoy wearing a skimpy swimsuit in order to attract the looks of all the guys and girls 😉
And even better, I met a follower there!
His swimming trunks did little to hide his excitement; I knew we needed to find a quiet corner so I could satisfy his lust. Bent over in front of him, my body pressed into the warm sand. I pulled my bikini bottoms to one side, giving him access to my pink pussy. He wasted no time in showing me how hard he was, his cock felt so huge as it went inside me!

Omg yes fuck my pussy! Show me how you’ve felt when you see me post! Thrust back and forth as fast as you can, my body is yours to fill with your lovely seed! Feel my ass grind against your balls as they unload all that yummy cum inside me! Even if you cum so hard please keep fucking me! Release all you have as my pussy squeezes your throbbing meat stick. I’m going to milk your cock for everything it’s got until I cum too!


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