The class had filed out of the locker room. You and her were the last ones to finish your laps, leaving you alone together to change. You were a girl of secrets; one of which was that you were actually a pretty good athlete. The thing was, you had a crush on this beautiful girl in your class, and she was a pretty slow runner, so you stayed behind with her and pretended to be slow too. This way, you could make her feel better, and you’d get to talk with and look at her for the whole class.

Standing by the lockers, you continued to speak with her. You’d joke, making her laugh that cute giggle she’d always do. Her face was like smooth porcelain, her hair like a silk, black waterfall around her shoulders, and her shimmering eyes reflected your nervous face. You may have gazed at her too much, however, as you felt a sensation within you. The conversation broke when her eyes peered downwards, noticing a sizable bulge in your uniform. Another one of your little secrets was that even though you were a girl, you had a cock, which went unnoticed by anyone until now. She stammered “Wha-what is that..?”

You didn’t know what to say, tripping over any possible hope of explanation. She was just so beautiful and sweet that you couldn’t help yourself from getting excited. You panicked, impulsively moving into her, pulling yourself close by grabbing her shoulders, and planting a big kiss on her lips. You kept your eyes shut and tongue writhing, to both prevent anyone from speaking, and because you had dreamed of this finally happening. She was surprised, eyes wide open and shocked at your display. However, she did not necessarily resist your advance. In fact, after a few seconds, her hands rested on your lower back, and she shut her eyes, pushing her tongue against yours. You couldn’t believe this was transpiring, but you didn’t care. The class was gone for the evening, and it was just you and her; this was going to be a night to remember.


submitted this image for captioning. I wrote it not so much as a porn caption, but almost a cute little love story. Any good?)


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