“Alright, man, this is bumming me out…” Your work had been piling up, causing you to be constantly stressed, and your longtime friend hated seeing it. “… All you do is work, and whenever we hang out, you just mope. It sucks.” You stared at her and shrugged; you didn’t like depressing her, but it couldn’t really be helped. She sighed “Look, I’m gonna’ help you out. But when I do, no more moping, got it?”

At that, she dropped to her knees before you, undid your pants, and let them fall to your ankles. Taking your cock into her hand, she lifted it up “S’been a long time coming, anyway.” She pursed her lips against your ball sack, kissing to where some skin got into her mouth. Light smooches gave way to sloppy slurping as your ball slipped entirely into her mouth. She sucked on it while rubbing the head of your cock. This was unusual for you; she was your best friend, and though you did sometimes think about something like this, you had never thought it would be a reality. But here she was, diligently sucking your balls to relieve your tension.

Minutes in, she got more vigorous and attentive, causing you to start cumming into her closed palm. The hot stream flowed down your shaft, onto your balls, and into her mouth. She drank it as she got it, still sucking your ball through the orgasm. When the flowing ceased, she stood back up, and patted you on the shoulder, smiling “There. No more being a zombie, right?”

(Anonymous wanted a helpful girl relieving her friend with some ballsucking. This is that weird thing that sounds great conceptually to me, but actually receiving it feels really odd. It’s all objective, I guess. Anyway, enjoy!)


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