Mmm, your so cuddly, this feels good. Here, I wanna hold you more while we kiss. Your skirt is super cute babe, I like it. Legs are soft and squishy too, hehe. Ah, sorry, I don’t have much control over it. Yeah, I want to, but only if you want to. Your sure its okay? Just tell me if you wanna stop, okay? Oh, you shaved? Ohhh, you waxed? Friends dared you to? I um… haven’t, do I need to? Yeah, I think whatever we’re comfortable with is probably best.

Hmm, it is really smooth though. You’re cheeks are red, you okay? Oh, it’s feels nice? I’m glad! Oh, it’s really warm further down… *gulp*. Do you ever… touch yourself? I’d like to try it. Here at the top? Oh my god, your eyes got weird when I did that… Should I keep going then? Kay *smooch*. Oh, you’re getting wet down here. Can I put my fingers in you? I’ll go slow, tell me if it hurts, okay? Oh my God… uhm, oh, wow… *gasp* I can feel that! Press where? Here? Closer to the start? Oh, it feels kinda different there! 

Harder? I’m already pushing pretty hard, you sure? You’re co-mmph! Wow, that was intense… You’re sweating and panting, that’s really exhausting isn’t it? I think your breath got sweet when you got horny. Your sure I didn’t hurt you? You clamped down really hard… I wonder how that would feel on my… you know. Can I have a turn? It’s okay if you don’t want to, I want you to because you want to. Yeah, we can cuddle first, you look tired after that~~<3


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